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For thousands of years back, while the land produced plentifully, and different nationalities rotated in this area in the heart of Europe, different tastes and scents intertwined at the same time, and nature and its fruits got richer by using new ingredients and ways of making. People of Republic of Srpska are true hedonists when it comes to food, and they will always share it selflessly. Gastro map of Srpska is much more than food, it is unique approach fulfilled with endless respect and love.



The mix of cultures in this area brought unique methods of making various types of cheese. As inevitable meal of every household, cheese is part of gastro identity of Srpska.

Starting from the north and world famous brand Trappist with the unique and secret recipe of Mariastern Monastery near Banja Luka and Basa, soft type of cheese around Petrovac, to the well-known Kajmak, creamy dairy product, which is the best on the traditional markets among the Srpska, and “Torotan” for lovers of cheese with specific smells.

Srpska has their own “mozzarella” called Škripavac, because of grinding in your mouth when you bite this cheese.

If you want to try a touch of Mediterranean, then cheese from olive oil from Trebinje and Ljubinje is a great choice. Herzegovina’s sun and patience make this cheese extraordinary.



The most important part of the gastro identity of Srpska cuisine is the bread. The diversity of civilizations mixed with various climates resulted in many different types of bread.

Home-made bread or Pogača is a priority when it comes to any type of celebrations, and simplicity in its preparation makes this bread even more authentic.

Uštipci or fried dumplings with rich cheese or kajmak are an unavoidable part of cuisine in every part of Srpska.

Krajiška maslenica is a typical meal of mellow plains, just a few layers of dough smeared with fat.

If you are a fan of corn flour then Kukuruza or Proja is the best choice. Enjoy its golden color and crunchy crust.

Juicy Lepinja served with the most famous meal Ćevapi will help you to feel truly taste of Balkans.

Hercegovački hljeb or Herzegovina bread which is baked on a flagstone or under “sač” and made of just a few ingredients is another proof that less is more.


One of the very first thoughts on gastro identity of Srpska is definitely a pie. Influenced by long history of our people and authentic occasions, people of Republic of Srpska is especially proud of countless variety of pies with unusual names, but of great taste, like Gužvara named by its specific texture, which is crumpled with fingers, after it’s baked or Kljukuša – outstanding combination of homemade potatoes, zucchini, and onion with dough.

If you are already in love with Kajmak, then you will adore Cicvara, one of the oldest pies, consist of only 4 ingredients. For the lovers of corn flour, we recommend Projara based on a verified combination of spinach and sour milk, or Presnac specific by plenty of modern recipes but with traditional core – corn flour, eggs, water, and butter.

Tasting Kozaračka kvrguša, you fully experience Kozara Mountain in the northern Republic of Srpska.



People of Srpska have a wise saying “Great breakfast for a great day”.

Our cuisine is specific by strong and “caloric” meals for the breakfast.

Therefore Popara, a combination of crushed bread, boiling water, and Kajmak, is a true representative of traditional Srpska breakfast, also known as “shepherd's breakfast”.

Pura or Kačamak is favorite among whole Srpska, after it’s made it must be stirred with a wooden spoon called Purača. If milled wheat and cooked meat sound interesting for you, then Keške is a great choice for your Srpska breakfast.

Feel the spirit of past times by tasting the Lukmira, old farm meal prepared with spring onion, cheese and mixed with bread, or enjoy Omač, a kind of wide pasta cooked with cream or milk.


Illyrian, Roman, and Ottoman specialties caused the diverse gastronomic offer of Srpska, that can satisfy even the most particular tastes.

Meat and fish specialties fulfilled with Rakija or homemade wine represent the treasure brought from the past centuries. Meet the hospitality of locals through Sač or Peka, the special way of preparing the meat, fish or vegetables in unique big metal lid covered with ashes and ember.

Well-known Ćevapi are the inevitable part of every touristic trip in Srpska, enjoy in minced meat rolled into separate rolls or tuples, but don’t forget to eat homemade Kajmak and onion with it.

Meet the sharpness of winter in Srpska by eating Čvarci, crunchy bites made from pork fat, and covered with peppers, salt, and garlic.

Visit Motajica and taste the mouth-watering venison, or live the shepherd's life for a day by eating Čobanska šnicla, pork steak covered by the secret mixture of herbs.

Connect with Herzegovina’s spirit and lifestyle eating amazing Pršut or dry lamb with cabbage and other vegetables called Kaštradina.



Reach the “happy end” of your gastro adventure and round the "gastro delirium" by unique and appetizing Srpska desserts made of juicy fruits influenced the most by Ottoman culture.

Meet up with ancient Persia in Srpska eating Tufahija, apples filled with nuts and sugar, or with times of sultans in this area tasting Baklava, crispy, nutty and golden dough filled with chopped nuts or Tulumba, fried dough soaked into the sugar syrup.

If you like challenges then try to reveille the secret mixture of herbs in Apura, a dessert made of dried plums, pears and apples.

Enjoy in the verified recipe of traditional Srpska apple pie and fell in love again with a delightful combination of homemade apples and cinnamon.


Complete your gastro adventure with glass or two of Srpska national drinks, and reach the new dimensions of authentic and unique Srpska cuisine.

Our traditional drinks are more than drinks. Unavoidable Rakija, homemade brandy, produced by distillation of fermented fruit in a distilling plant, is not just a drink; it is the phenomenon which celebrates life, happy events in lives of locals, but also the most often way to show hospitality to tourists.

Rakija is made of any kind of fruit, but the most popular ones are plum, pear, grape, and apple. Thanks to climate, the southern part of the Republic of Srpska brings the noblest vines, and high-quality wines. Visit Trebinje and feel Mediterranean spirit through homemade wine Hercegovački Vranac, wine of ruby color which complements lamb or veal meat roasted under sač.

For lovers of white wines, Žilavka is the best choice. This yellowish-greenish color is great with all types of sea and freshwater fish. Not only southern parts are famous for wine.

Nowadays, northern parts of Srpska thanks to pleasant climate and cultivated hills, take part in wine map of Balkans bringing the unique Srpska trademark of well-known Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc or Cabernet Sauvignon.


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